by dilo

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feel the war inside your problems are enough to recognize your life is rotted and dry forgotten feelings emerge from your cry feel the war inside your conscience has been sold for a piece of time I see through all those smiles future is a great lie that controls your own desires all the freedom meanings drag immoral sounds raise your voice, increase the noise of underground feel the war inside no god can take our souls or save us all they want to rip us off "behave, obey and be a slave for us" feel the war inside politicians are killers of our minds ignore that System knows democracy is a legal hand that's pressing on your mouth call the freedom meanings drag immoral sounds raise your voice, increase the noise of underground
Semantic jail Words remain on surface Somatic escape Exit is a red pil Synthetic gods Chemical experience Emotional illness Faith's a paranoia I need a trip I need a trip I need a trip Rage grows inside me Sick of reality Here comes insanity Get in touch with me
sweated hands under my clothes I wanna know if I'm one of those come, creep, hit, never forgive bring me more electric dreams sweet minds out of control blood runs under the beat flow shaking hands and smiling lips reaching out for chemical beat you look so fine you won't be mine I don't wanna have a good time my eyes will bleed It's all I need no way to break the dead line Mind Destroys Machine Activity
voices inside me are dumping and throwing words I never said to you you don't deserve it but I can't forget it is there any brain to paw? just too hard to dream about your pain just too near to hate you tonight just too far to wish you again. wake up stand up smells like rotted flesh in you and I sigh... and I sigh
Stupid boys and stupid girls they dance together with a silly face. ...silly eyes and silly mouths are moving faster than the bloodstream sound. There is no choice, there is no chance, there's nothing better in this simple game ...simple minds with simple chains that press the faces in a cold grimace. No matter with your life No matter with your sense No matter with your mind we're thinking for you...
I walk away I need to find myself in time I left the road I don't believe I should feel fine Satirical It seems shades laugh into my mind And all I love disappears behind my eyes I just don't know If I will find part of my truth. I've lost myself I don't know how to live for you I will reach out And there will be nothing to hug And all I love disappears behind the drug I need to come back to you
Time is shrinking today wails cover my brain I look for a smile in my face but my heart sleeps away Please, take a breath I'm a puppet lost in stupid games Time is shrinking today and I look for a second to escape Tears start over you stay closer to me... you are my faithful slave feed myself from your happiness Time is shrinking today my memories will fade to have and hold something I can't but your essence remains Please, stop the pain my madness will hide your mistakes Time is shrinking today live's a melotraumatic whole day
I... I wont forget those funny days and you... you always think I was a fake but listen you plastic man what can we do? No sex. Can you belive it? Our love is true! make-up dress up comb panties jewels grease
old shoes against starchy shirts uncombed hair like in the magazine no suits, no ties, tattoos are fun I'm ready to be me just like another one T-shirts with ideals stamped I need a mirror to know who I am don't ask about puppets in a trap just look at symbols painted in my cap to be myself I don't have reasons so what's the matter, television? I just don't wanna be like you I'll be a weekend rebel; there's nothing you can do...
you say I can shut-down my feelings sweet things are coming down on me you say I can restart my consciousness new thrills are coming closer leave your fingernails sunk in my back
your enemy is in the air believe in me life is destroyed by the acid rain ignore the truth incinerate we'll burn on fire what you will not dare to say? enjoy the night enjoy the day remember that hope is dissolved by the acid rain political I would like to see you burnt yeah! "we worry about social well-being" bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla... we will burn in the lie of fire!!!!!!!!!


Screwed, the long awaited new album from Dilo.


released December 7, 2007

Jordi Aranes: Productor.
Angel Exposito: Productor.
Fermin Molina: Productor.




dilo Mequinenza, Spain

El proyecto DILO nace a principios de 2002 en un intento de aunar la experiencia electrónica con máquinas llevada a cabo por Ángel y Fermín, con una perspectiva más orgánica en cuanto a composición y arreglos, aportada por Jordi. A los cinco años de su primer encuentro, DILO cuenta con un pequeño estudio casero de grabación-producción y dos discos: Robots (2004) y Screwed (2007). ... more

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